Don’t click on this ad.. seriously, just don’t.

Why didn’t you listen to me? I told you not to click on this ad... but you went ahead and did it anyway.. what’s wrong with you? Have you no restraint? :)

It’s funny, I saw this show where they put a marshmallow in front of some kids and told them not to eat the marshmallow.. the person in charge left the room so each kid was just starin at the marshmallow and debating if they should eat it.. long story short, out of the 7 kids only one kid didn’t eat the marshmallow. All the other kids devoured it the second the adult left the room.

So I wanted to do an experiment here... I’m the marshmallow. Ha!! And you guys just clicked on my ad so dang fast. :) and for that one guy who didn’t...screw you dude.. I didn’t want you to read my ad anyway. ( yes I did, but you’re allowed to make your own decisions)

It’s Wednesday. What about it can we say? What’s so great about the 3rd day of the week? I know chuckie cheese has an all day play special. And chili’s has the .39 cent wing deal... I like my Wednesday deal better... buy one session, get a free bottle of water. ( great deal if you ask me)

Who’s in? Well call me for rates and location!! I look forward to seein ya!!! Tyler

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