Tuesday’s joke of the day!!!

How do you make an egg giggle? (Wait for it) you tell it a yolk.

Meh? Okay.. I got others... how bout this one: what do layers wear to court? Lawsuits... duh

I got some dirty ones too... here’s a light dirty: why is Santa so jolly? Because he knows where all the bad girls live.. :) go Santa.. you dirty bastard.

Okay, one more... I have an arsenal of jokes so narrowing down just one good one for the final finally is gonna be a doozy but I’m gonna do my best... here it goes...what did the cannibal do after he dumped his girlfriend????

You ready for the punch line? Who’s ready for it?

I’m about to write it right now but first let me tell you about my awesome sessions!! I’m located in south scottsdale... I’ve got flat rates. And my space is pretty neat o. I’m working til dark and as always I’m by appointment only. I usually have a line around the block so if I were you, I would book a sesh now. I’m looking for new regulars.. not that I don’t love my regulars now.. I adore them. I’m just saying, I’m taking new peeps.

Okay, where was I.. oh yeah.. the joke. Shoot.. I forgot the punch line.. it will come back to me.. in the meantime, here’s my number. . Look forward to talking to you!!! :) :) :) xxoo

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