If these walls could talk...

I always liked that saying.. if “these walls could talk” I mean where would the mouth be? In the middle of the wall? Are the walls friends? Do they make fun of me when I leave the room? Are they two faced? Imagine if one of them was mad at the other... that would be crappy because it’s not like they can leave the room... they would be stuck looking at each other just rolling their eyes and sitting in silence... like walls do. That reminds me, what about wallpaper? Paintings? You’re covering them up... so how could they talk? Dude if my walls could y’all they would probably say “ dang, who polishes off a whole pound cake with beer in bed” or “ why in the heck is this chick sitting like that.. not very lady like...” I could say more but some stuff I like to keep between me and the walls. :)

These are things I think about. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks these things....

Anywho... it’s Monday.. yee fricken haw. Let’s get this party started, shall we? Who’s with me? First time clients receive a snack bag of candy corn and if there’s any left, some snicker snack size candy ba...... oops, scratch that, I got candy corn.. just candy corns. Sorry bout that.

So who’s in? Call me then. :) tyler. . Flat rates!

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