Y’all see that giant fannie...

Her Fannie Pack? That thing is huge. Gah dang Fannie packs.. why in gods green earth are those coming back in style? Those are awful. They look like a badazzled colostomy bag. It’s like you get a free extra fat roll that comes in denim, corduroy or platinum silver. You wouldn’t see me wearing one... no sir ree.. over my dead body!!!

Now watch, one of my friends as a joke will put one on me in my casket, just to get a laugh.

This ad is taking a turn for the worse. Talking about fashion and death. Let’s move on shall we?

Let’s talk politics. That’s a subject everyone can agree on and no one gets butt hurt. It’s a win win! The politics of me.

I so happen to be working today! I’m in great mood, not hungover, and I took my flinstone vitamin. ( I’m a big kid now) I got flat rates and I just hit level 311 in candy crush. This happy camper is on cloud 9. Let me share some of my good juju. Who could use some?

Call me!! Tyler . I’m in call. Scottsdale area. And I work til dark.. after that I turn into a pumkin.. no one wants to see that. :) xxooo

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