Dang... you see all this hot momma’s on here..

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My gosh.. the competition is stiff I tell ya... how the heck is a chick like me gonna stand out from the crowd?

I could offer specials? Kinda like a groupon? But then I’m basically looking desperate...

How about listing all the amazing qualities about myself? Like, I can fish and I can clean the fish afterwards..( it’s a mandatory thing when you grow up in the south) my other qualities are I can play the ukulele like no ones business.. you should hear my remake of Bohemian Rhapsody, I’m telling ya, people have cried hearing it. I’m that good. Let’s see what else.... I can speak 3 different languages.. 2 of them are made up but still, that’s pretty impressive I think. I can turn a frown upside down. Oh, I know... I’m a master at paint by numbers... I don’t even color outside the lines!! I can fry an egg without burning the outside. I’m sorry, but that’s a skill in itself. Crazy how I mastered that one!!

I got boat load more but I rather save those for special occasions!!

I do wanna tell you about my sessions if that’s why you happened to click on my ad. :)

Flat rates, cozy studio and I’m working til dark!!
Can’t beat that with a stick...( such a stupid saying.. I’ll come up with better ones later on in the week)

Okay, call me for a session! Operators are standing by. Tyler is standing by. Me, I’m the operator!

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