What’s up my little whipper snappers

I love Mondays..People are generally in good moods... I use generally loosely... the lady at Dunkin Donuts could use a nice dunk in a vat of wine this morning. She was a meanie mcstinkie.
Speaking of wine.. whos already lit? :) its 10 already. Come on, get with the program!

Day drunks are fun but the aftermath of drinking during the day isnt so nice. Its a damn good thing Im working today. I like to think my sessions are like going into your favorite watering hole. Where the prices are just right and you leave with a nice buzz. And to top it off even better, my buzzes dont come with hangovers. I got body shots on tap and top shelf mead. That right, you heard me.. mead I was gonna day top shelf knead... ya know because Im a massage therapist so I knead but it sounded stupid so I went with mead instead.

Now this ad is starting to sound strange.. people are strange, when youre a stranger, faces look ugly when youre alone.. people seem wicked, when youre unwanted.. streets are uneven, when youre down..

The doors!!! Love the doors!! I’m sure I butchered the lyrics.

Anywho... I hate people who use that word...

Anyway, I’m mworking today!!!! Come see me. I got flat rates and kick ass sessions!!

See ya soon. Tyler

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