Best day of the week!!

Come on.. who doesn’t love waking up early after sleepin in for 2 days and doing whatever you damn well please... then having to put pants on and actually interact with people you don’t like, sit at a desk that has an odd smell, listen to your boss go on about some nonsense all the while breathing in his stank coffee breath.... having to hear all about Teresa from accountings weekend about having her house painted... looking at the clock fiercely and trying some Jedi mind trick hoping it goes from 8:15 to 4pm... eating your packed lunch early even though you stopped at McDonald’s, got some hash browns and a biscuit but you could care less because it’s Monday and you would rather be in bed watching Netflix or better yet sleeping.. so now it’s 8:16 am and your Jedi mind trick didn’t work.. so what do you do now? I’ll tell ya what you do.. you open your phone and you find my ad and you call me!! Duh!

Yes, I used to have that kind of job.. I know too well how Monday's feel.. they feel like someone stole your favorite tee shirt and ran your dog over at the same time! They are the devils butt nuggets... but I’m working so you got that going for ya!! :)

It will feel like Friday with me. And if you really wanna know how to do Jedi mind trick stuff, then wait no further.

I got a cute place with flat rates. I’m working until happy hour starts. Ha. Kinda kiddin.

Call me for info!!

Tyler. Mwah.

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